Alfa pasáž (Alfa passage)

Poštovská 6

Visit the terrace on the top floor of this functionalist gem from architect Bohuslav Fuchs and get a look at other areas usually off limits to the public.

The multifunctional Alfa palace sits on the corner of Jánská and Poštovská streets with a passage connected to buildings facing Freedom Square. Alfa passage was created during 1930–1937. The builder František Hrdina turned to Bohuslav Fuchs to create its magnificently conceived flats, shopping passage, and cinema. The complex includes a single-storey shopping arcade with a gallery and skylights. The passage has eight entries to the residential area with about 160 flats. Open House Brno offers the chance to see this area and also to go up by lift or stairs to the highest storey, which offers a beautiful view over Brno and informational panels about the building’s history.