Brněnské komunikace a.s. – Masná burza (Meat market)

Masná 7

This large-capacity slaughterhouse and meat market was built around 1900, with plans for the Brno meat market drawn up by Bohuslav Fuchs in 1924.

Construction of the trade and administrative building was finished in 1926 with a total expense of almost 3 million korunas. The separate building next to the former slaughterhouse (by Porážka Street) through its exposed brick and segmented elementary volumes references the work of the Dutch Willem Marinus Dudok and the American Frank Lloyd Wright. The building today houses a number of young progressive organizations. In 1998, gradual revitalization of the area was begun. Although the repairs have not always been easy, maximum effort has been made to respect the value of the original buildings. In 2015, the Czech Ministry of Culture declared the area a cultural heritage site.