Pivovar Starobrno (Starobrno brewery)

Hlinky 160/12

Sat 10:00 - 18:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00


Set off with a brewery guide on a walkway above tall cylindrical tanks with fermenting beer and an amazing view of all of Brno will open for you.

The Starobrno brewery, which has been tightly connected to Brno and the region throughout its history and present, lies in Old Brno. It has stood in the same place on Hlinka Street not far from Mendel Square since 1872 and has become a more and more popular destination. You’ll be led through the brewery by a qualified guide, who will tell you about the long history of brewing beer in Old Brno and at the Starobrno brewery itself. Then you’ll learn about all phases of beer production, traditional technologies, and quality ingredients for brewing. Following exceptional interest last year, this year visitors can again enjoy the unique experience of an untraditional view over Brno. Newly this year, they can also taste beer right from the tank in the brewery’s lager storehouse at the end of the tour.