SAP Labs Česká republika – Spielberk Office Centre

Holandská 2/4

This spacewas renovated by S.H.S architekti based on the wishes of employees with anemphasis on a healthy life style and flexible way of work.

SAP LabsČeská republika is a development centre headquartered in Brno. Since 2016, it’sbeen a part of SAP, a global leader in enterprise applications. It focuses ondeveloping, localizing, and supporting key products. As part of the worldwidenetwork of SAP labs, the Brno office takes full part in innovations and newtrends in the development of enterprise software, especially within finance.

These newlyrenovated and expanded offices opened in January 2019. Their new form wasdeveloped in cooperation with employees. They wanted the offices especially tobe light, colourful, comfortable, and suited to their sport activities, such ascoming to work by bike. So come and see how these literally stellar officeslook.